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We are a small indie game studio based in Aarhus, Denmark that strives to deliver innovative and memorable games that bring players closer together.

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Our latest project

Project Tumble

Our first game, Project Tumble, is our unique take on the multiplayer experience. An engaging adventure-party mashup, where you go on fantasy-fueled co-op adventures with your friends.

We have been working on this title for some time now, and we’re pretty excited about it. It’s an ambitious and innovative project that mixes the best of both adventure AND party games to offer something completely new.

Game page coming soon!

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Digital Devotion

Games Meant to be Shared

Digital Devotion Games is a Danish indie game studio dedicated to creating games that are meant to be shared – both with friends and with our community.

We’re specialists in pro-social design. In other words, we love building experiences that build bridges between people. Multiplayer entertainment and solid gameplay are in the front seat of all our games.

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