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Digital Devotion Games

Games meant to be shared

Digital Devotion Games is a small indie game studio based in Aarhus, Denmark, that specializes in making quality multiplayer games for social entertainment.

We came together to give the world game experiences that are memorable and innovative. We do this by focusing on designs that support the complexities of social interactions in a positive way, cultivating pro-social behavior. With our games, we seek to provide diverse groups of friends a quality place to meet, bond and play.

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Our Journey

Digital Devotion Games is a team of passionate game developers, who got together with a shared goal of creating a great indie game company and some amazing games along with it.

We started our journey in July 2019 in a temporary office space, where we were granted a month to prove ourselves worthy for a spot in the game industry.

We began working and spent four weeks in our new temporary office developing a game concept, a prototype, and a visual style for our game. We presented our work for a panel of game development veterans and were shortly thereafter granted a permanent spot in the office. Then we began working on turning that concept into our first game: Project Tumble.

Studio Culture

At Digital Devotion Games we encourage a work environment where we can support and challenge each other to do our best.

We are a diverse team of dedicated developers, each gifted with their own unique mind- and skillset. Together we work hard to live up to our ambitions and we do so as efficiently as we can.

We are passionate about creating games and we want it to stay that way. That is why a healthy work-life balance is important to us. We want to preserve the joy of meeting up in the morning, brew a cup of coffee and boot up the game engine.

Part of being a Digital Devotee also means playing Secret Hitler or Prop Hunt in Garry’s Mod with co-workers. It’s not just fun and laughter-inducing, but totally serious research on what makes or breaks a multiplayer game.

We all love games and we love making them. It has always been a big part of our lives and in the end, we are just gamers who turned a passion into a profession, by taking fun seriously.

Our Devotions

Gameplay First!

The core of our games is fun and satisfying gameplay. No matter how much lore, how many cinematics, or how great world building we have in our games, we want you to know that at the core of the game, is even better gameplay.


Open Development

We believe that you can help us make our games better by providing us with your feedback and ideas. Because you know best what you enjoy playing.

That is why we emphasize being transparent and honest about our development process to give you an opportunity to react when we make changes to the game. After all, our games are meant to be shared – even during development.

Quality Games

We are motivated to put in the time and effort it takes to create great games that show the quality we want to be recognized for.

Our games reflect our performance as developers, which is why we always seek to improve ourselves as a team. We iterate on our games until we can deliver an experience that both you can enjoy, and that we can be proud of.  ‍  ‍  ‍  ‍  ‍  ‍  ‍  ‍  ‍  ‍  ‍  ‍  ‍  ‍  ‍  ‍  ‍  ‍  ‍

Trust & Respect

Teamwork is essential to creating good games and the foundation of good teamwork is respect & trust.

At Digital Devotion we encourage a culture of mutual trust and honesty, where everyone can voice their opinion and be heard no matter their status or role. We believe this leads to stronger communication and teamwork which in the end results in better games.

You can find us in Filmbyen Aarhus

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