Project: Make a game

We have been working on a concept for a few months now and we want to share our game and its development process with the world. We are happy to announce that Project Tumble, our first game, is in development!

Project Tumble is a fun and chaotic multiplayer action game where you get to play as kids who get together to play a wide variety of different games. The act of playing is full of fantasy and imagination, which we want you to experience with your friends.

The Goal

With Project Tumble we want to strike a perfect balance between fun, chaotic party games and meaningful goals that encourage player agency. Players should be able to be creative and express their skills, but never feel required to perform. We want to make it possible for both new and experienced players to have fun together no matter how they want to play.

Play Pretend

In Project Tumble you play as kids who go out to play together. Everyone of the kids play sessions is represented by a game mode with a unique set of rules. While playing a gamemode the imagination of the kids take hold of the world, changing mundane objects into items that are part of a shared fantasy.

I wanna be a Knight!

See that stick? That could be a pretty cool sword! The local neighborhood in Project Tumble is full of items that, to a normal person, are just ordinary things you could find in a backyard. Through the kids imagination however, these items like basketballs, sticks and water guns can become cool weapons that provides cool new abilities and alters how they interact with the world. The best thing though, is that nothing is binding and you can swap out your imaginary weapons for new ones on the fly, just look out for whatever item that could become something that fits into the role you want to play.

A playful world

The world of Project Tumble is a living playful one where every interaction with it can result in pleasant surprises and unexpected chaotic fun. We want Project Tumble to reward creativity and exploration. Exploring how different things in the world interact should be fun and interesting, which is why we want every object of interest to be its own toy that you can play with. Then we add the layer of imagination on top of that and who knows what becomes possible?