A series of game development blog posts

That’s right, we’re making blogs about our game development process! Here at Digital Devotion Games, we strive to develop quality games that can be shared with others. After all, our slogan is “Games meant to be shared”. We might as well share the making of them as well!

Our first game, Project Tumble, is a unique twist on multiplayer gaming, mashing up both adventure and party game genres. We’re currently early in development with the next phase being the production of a vertical slice: a snippet as close as possible to the final quality of the game.

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Much has changed throughout our pre-production before landing where we are now. Getting a team together and working optimally is not exactly easy. To name a few things we’ve been working hard on:

  • Creating an innovative and engaging mix of genres to match our vision.
  • Defining an appealing art style that captures the vibe of childhood summers.
  • Establishing ourselves in the Danish game development industry.
  • And lastly, learning each others horoscopes, writing poetry and defining the intricate rule-set for how much cod roe should be distributed on each piece of bread.

As you can see, a lot has been done, but there’s still a long journey ahead of us. But it also gives us a lot of opportunities to improve our crafts and document what we learn along the way.

Why blog posts then?

Well, why not? All members of Digital Devotion Games have learned a lot by following other game developers, watching GDC talks, and stuff like that (The Subnautica Postmortem is highly recommended!).

In other words, we are fascinated by how different problems are overcome and love seeing the clever solutions that developers come up with. It’s inspirational and educational at the same time!

With the stage Project Tumble is at right now, we can confidently begin contributing with our own experiences and perspectives from start-up game development. Give something back to the world of indie game development, you know.

Documenting the journey

Therefore, we are releasing a series of blogs detailing our design processes, our lessons learned and more.

These blogs are meant to share our experiences and be a valuable resource for anyone interested in the nitty gritty details of start-up game development.

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You’ll be able to follow the development of Digital Devotions first game from start to finish and get a grounded insight in our methods, struggles and revelations.

For instance, you can expect these posts to range from down to earth write-ups of the problems we have been working with, personal experiences from working on the game, and some interesting design approaches that we apply in our development.

A monthly update

In short, we intend to publish a blog post from one of the different areas of expertise on our team, accompanied by a status update on the Project Tumble game, at the end of every month.

To stay updated, you can subscribe to our mailing list:

If there are areas of our development process that you are interested in and want to know more about, we invite you to write to our e-mail: hello@digitaldevotion.io.

A sneak peak into the next blog

Next time we will show you why Project Tumble is an adventure-party game, why that solves a major problem, and why we spent a year refining our vision.

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Now we’re ready

See you ’round the block!

Jonas, Audio Designer & Community Manager

game development, Making Project Tumble: A Blog About Game Development, Digital Devotion Games

Sune, Game Designer & QA

game development, Making Project Tumble: A Blog About Game Development, Digital Devotion Games