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New year, new update!

Welcome to our march update! And this time we’ve got some pretty concept art and music to share. We’ve been getting more of the technical foundation of Project Tumble up to snuff, so now we can dive head first into producing content for the game.

In this update, I’ll show you some ‘artsy’ stuff we’ve made. This includes:

  • Another music sketch

  • First look at our updated ‘kits’

  • The status of the environment of our first level

march update, Dev Update – March 2021, Digital Devotion Games

Written by
Jonas Lauridsen

The music of acoustic adventures


Starting off, here’s another musical sketch for you to listen to, as you read the rest of this update. The music composition is a bit more ‘acoustic’ and ‘down-to-earth’ than the one from the previous update, but still energetic and adventurous. Steadily, we’re keying in on what the game’s soundtrack is going to sound like.

Concept art of some cool ‘kits’

The world of Project Tumble is one beset by the kids’ imaginations. And that means even a common item may turn into a great weapon of legendary power! As kids, we’ve all played around with sticks like we were knights wielding longswords, so we have been taking that idea and applying it to the ‘power-ups’ of our game: kits.

For example, we’re developing a ‘Freeze-Spray Mage’-kit, where a regular spray can turns into a magic staff imbued with the frigid winds of the north! With this kit, players can create ice-skating paths of ice to slide on, or stop moving objects in their tracks with a well-timed Flash Freeze ability.

Here’s some concept art for that kit:

Staff, Digital Devotion Games

Encased in ice, the spray can is the focus of the staff’s freezing powers.

And in-game with some VFX:

GIF PT FreezeStaff Hover, Digital Devotion Games

Ooh, pretty!

We’re also harnessing the power of wind with the ‘Wind-Dryer Archer’-kit that features a hairdryer-turned-bow. With this galeful bow, players can shoot arrows with balloons attached that can lift up objects. Using their second ability, the players can then launch a wind blast – to either boost their speed or launch objects, especially if they have one or more balloons attached to them.

And here’s the concept art for it:

Bow1, Digital Devotion Games
Bow2, Digital Devotion Games

Similarly, the hairdryer is much better suited for powering up arrows, than for drying your hair.

Accompanying any kits pickup is also a corresponding visual change. Therefore, picking up a hairdryer bow doesn’t just give you new abilities, but also upgrades your looks!

GIF PT WindArcherConcepts, Digital Devotion Games

How many household items can you spot in these concepts?

Kits like these are something we’ll be making several of to spice up the game and give players all kinds of cool abilities to play with. They allow us to add all kinds of variation and depth to the gameplay, without overloading the players with too much to account for.

Environment upgrade

Our level has also been further populated by lots of flora, foliage, etc, since the last update. It feels more like a coherent world now than ever before – and one that we feel matches the goal of the ‘peaceful park’ we’ve been aiming for. The gif below shows off just a small part of the level.

GIF PT MarchLevelShowcase Opti, Digital Devotion Games

Sunny skies, a slight breeze, and the delightful chirps of summer birds all around.

But we’re not done with it yet. While the natural plant-life is mostly there, we will still populate the level further with all kinds of flavourful stuff and content to play through. The baseline is there, now to make it even better!

That’s all for now

Thank you for reading the dev update. Hope you enjoyed what you heard, saw, and read!

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See you ’round the block!

Jonas, Community Manager & Audio Designer

march update, Dev Update – March 2021, Digital Devotion Games