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Digital Devotion Games

Games meant to be shared

Founding date:
July 1, 2019


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Filmbyen 19, 2
8000 Aarhus

+45 25 15 16 29


Digital Devotion Games is a Danish indie game studio that specializes in quality multiplayer games for social entertaining. Our mission is simple: give the world memorable game experiences that provide diverse groups of friends a quality place to meet, bond and play. We explore and innovate new possibilities for these kinds of games, always maintaining a pro-social design that strengthens togetherness.

Digital Devotion Games is a team of passionate game developers, who got together with a shared goal of creating a great indie game company and some amazing games along with it. The team is passionate about both playing and making quality games, and is determined to become the go-to creative force for innovative socially-focused experiences. We are dedicated and professional people that take fun seriously.

We are currently working on our first project with the working title “Project Tumble”. Project tumble is a game that combines the immersive journey of adventure-games with the multiplayer fun of party-games to create something totally new. Together, players can freely explore a vibrant neighborhood, creatively solve challenges and duke it out in a variety of mini-games – all in a world free of responsibilities.


The company was founded in April 2019 by our Creative Director and CEO Mikkel Søgaard. Having been in the industry for some time he knew he could make it, but not alone. He needed a crew. Luckily, he had built a strong network throughout the years, so he knew exactly where to go for help.

A team was built around the central idea of the company and from there the journey began. The team consisted of 2 visual artists, Emil and Nicolai, 2 programmers, Dennis and Christian, and 1 game designer, Sune. These people were chosen for their passion for games and their mix of both broad knowledge and specialised skill in game development. The strong combo of knowledge, skill, previous experience and productive team dynamic made this team a perfect match for the company and future plans. From July 2019 these people have been flying under the same banner: Digital Devotion Games.

We started our journey in July 2019 in a temporary office space, where we were granted a month to prove ourselves worthy for a spot in the game industry. We spent four weeks in our new office coming up with a game concept, a prototype, and a visual style for our game and were shortly thereafter granted a permanent spot in the office. Thus, we began working on turning that concept into our first game

Since then, the company and its first game, Project Tumble, has progressed significantly. The game has received praise for both its innovation and visual style, and Jonas, an audiodesigner and business assistent, has joined the team since April 2020.



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