Digital Devotion Games raises $113.000 to develop innovative social game.

Investment is led by Accelerace Invest II, following their accelerator program ‘Beyond Beta’. The games studio will be focusing on developing first title to presentable stage.

23 April 2021, Aarhus — Digital Devotion Games today announced a $113.000 investment round, led by Accelerace Invest II. Digital Devotion Games was founded on a vision of making the social culture of online gaming more positive, one game at a time.

This is the foundation for the studio’s motto: Games Meant To Be Shared.

Founded in 2019 by Mikkel Søgaard Jakobsen, Digital Devotion Games has until now been self-funded by Mikkel and his co-founder team as they researched, concepted and prototyped Project Tumble to prove out their design. This round allows the Aarhus-based studio to develop their first game, Project Tumble, to a presentable stage, where it can showcase their novel ‘Adventure-Party’ game design that blends memorable journeys with varied social activities – inspired by roadtrips to theme-parks. The game is made to offer a new kind of social space that appeals to both hardcore competitive players and more casual social players.

“Accelerace was willing to listen to us and to spend time with us to truly understand what and how we are going to change the world. They are risk-takers, and they are willing to learn along with us and that makes them a great match for us.”, commented CEO Mikkel Søgaard Jakobsen.

Michael R. Böwadt, Business Accelerator and Investment Manager at Accelerace, said “Digital Devotion Games is a very dedicated and creative team with a very clear vision of how games of the future should be. With their unique approach to pro social gaming and with their strong execution abilities, we see them as a strong newcomer in the Danish games industry and we are super excited to be part of their first investment round.”

About Digital Devotion Games

Digital Devotion Games is an indie game studio based in Aarhus, Denmark. The company was founded in 2019 and is comprised of driven and experienced game developers with a shared passion for creating novel social experiences. Digital Devotion Games is currently developing its first multiplayer title, Project Tumble, which brings with it a unique ‘Adventure-Party’ experience to bring players together in new and memorable ways. For Digital Devotion Games, it’s not just about making games. It’s about making a positive impact on the culture in and around multiplayer games – one game at a time. To learn more about Digital Devotion Games, visit

About Accelerace Invest II

Accelerace is one of the world’s top 10 seed accelerators and has been nominated as the best startup accelerator in the Nordics in 2017 and 2018 by the Nordic Startup Awards. Since 2008, Accelerace has scouted, trained, and invested in more than 600 of the most promising Danish and international startups and growth companies. As partner in the national Scale-Up Denmark initiative, Accelerace scales startups within foodtech, cleantech, IoT, soundtech, fintech, future of work, medtech, biotech and digital health with help from experienced serial entrepreneurs, mentors, camps and a vast network. To learn more about Accelerace, visit